Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

“The First Prize “Best Documentary” goes to “Fairies and Other Tales” by Dörthe Eickelberg. Original and creative, both for the plot and for the technical accomplishments, Fairies and Other Tales distinguishes itself for its capacity of creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, almost like a fairy tale, where the individual research merges with the wild and unique landscape. Through a variety of encounters and sparkling dialogues, the documentary offers a fresh look over a world where there is still space for magic and amazement.”
Jury- Laudatio, Festival Cinema delle Donne, Turin, Italien

“Extraordinary distinctive creative feminine voice ... Humorous and thought provoking.”
Time Out Tel Aviv

"Is there still space for the imaginary, the fantastic, the supernatural? In our overcrowded and disenchanted society there really seems to be no room left for surprise. (…)Following the path reluctantly indicated by the natives, with few explanations, some hints, many silences and significant omissions, Dörthe searches for the Elves: a witty and misbelieving search, but one that nonetheless is the occasion to share the touching, wonderful and grandiose wild nature of the island."
Festival Cinema delle Donne, Turin, It.

“The film is as comfortable as a winter sweater, but it hits you with a static electricity. (...)”
Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Taipei, Tw.

“Dörthe Eickelberg goes on her quest, managing all alone  - except for the help of the camera woman -, and roams the country in search of the elves. She is graceful, with that tender expression of innocence of one that is open and is ready to believe whatever may come.” 
Pamplona News, Spain

“It's a very fine piece, where the search for the invisible, here elves, is used to explore the possibilities and nature of cinema, in a subtle and amusing way. Beautiful! Many shots were astounding ... and magnificent to see Icelandic towns in a way as if they were part of a David Lynch horror movie.”
Haukur Már Helgason, www.logs.is

"(...) The film's editing is electrifying. It turns the story into a road movie about seeking and experiencing the supernatural at the same time. (...)"
Taipei Times

"A story of how poetry and truth combined can bandage the soul."
ExBerliner Magazine, Berlin

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