Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

Chicks on Boards — Trailer from Labo M on Vimeo.

Finally you can watch CHICKS ON BOARDS on vimeo on demand: Festivalfassung von Chicks on Boards

Surfing is a magic carpet ride, an ode to a life in freedom. But in some cultures, freedom ends at the shore, and surfing takes on a political dimension. Why? Because those surfers are women. CHICKS ON BOARDS are rebels on boards claiming freedom against all odds.

Soon Sabah will ride her last wave in Gaza. She is going to get married. Then her husband will make decisions for her. Because Aneesha wants to become a surf-pro, she was expelled from her family in India. Suthu is the only black female surfer in the water and in love with another woman – a dangerous mix in South Africa. For safety reasons, women were not permitted at Big Wave Contests in Hawaii. Until Paige turned up. In England, Gwyn is making big waves without realizing it. She was the first in the water – and still is, at 72.

CHICKS ON BOARDS is a wild and colourful trip on the silver screen: Where there’s a will there’s a wave. Dörthe takes us to meet courageous people in places dominated by the clash between nature and culture. Because surfing is more than a sport: It’s a movement.

„Impressingly sensitive storytelling.“

“Touching, powerful, funny.”
ZDF Morgenmagazin

“The documentary sensation of the year.”
Hajo Schäfer, Achtung Berlin New Berlin Film Award

“CHICKS ON BOARDS is an important film that transcends sports and celebrates the universal bonds of women -- as athletes, as care-givers and as inspirational icons, breaking barriers and kicking ass. Beautifully shot and scored, the film explores the power of uniting sisterhood and taking a stand against impossible odds toward success led by uncanny bravery.”
Marc Shapiro, Laika Studio

“CHICKS ON BOARDS is a well told, inspiring and empowering film – not only for women, but for fathers, brothers, cousins alike.”
Risa Mara Mucha, two times national Mexican surf champion

“The power of friendship and community to lift, inspire and push you further than you might think you can go – “into the waves you couldn’t do on your own”
Jo Moseley

“Women from all over the world pursuing their passion, despite the challenges they face. They were inspiring and so is Dörthe. I hope she will continue to tell great stories and share them with the world.”
Laurie Mucha, Feminista Festival, London

Best Sports Doc Festival Sayulita, Mexico
Best Foreign Doc Hollywood International Independent Awards
Best Women Director Hollywood International Independent Awards

Selected for Achtung Berlin New Berlin Award, SWR Dokufestival, Best Of Haus des Dokumentarfilms, Achtung Berlin Sommerkino, Dokville, Soho House Berlin, N/NO Surffilmfest Berlin, Zimbabwe Women Film Festival, Harare, Brest Surf Film Fest, Bretagne, Chéries-Chéris Paris, Banzai Bordeaux, Feminista London, Vegan Surf Camp France, Diversity Day Tübingen, Diversity Day Düsseldorf, Gender in Progress, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg, World of Women UAE, Dubai, International Feminist Film Festival Paris, Surf&Skate Paris, International Women’s Festival Cologne, Female Eye Toronto and many more

Written and directed by: Dörthe Eickelberg
Coproduced by Labo M GmbH
Commissioning Editors: Sabine Rollberg, WDR/arte, Christiane Mausbach, WDR,
Sarah Elena Schwerzmann, arte
Executive Producer: Florian Karpf
Production manager: Florian Schumann, Linn Sackarnd
Producer: Dörthe Eickelberg
Assistant Producer: Yvonne Miehlke, Sarah Maret
Assistant Director: Katherina Lörsch
DoP: Fabian Spuck, Chris Valentin
Sound: Andreas Mohnke, Robert Sandow, Sebastian Ehrig
Editing: Martin Reimers
Music: Frank Zerban
Soundmix: Jörg Steinhoff
Colorgrading: Rico Danschke
Motion Design: Sebastian Stürtz

South Africa: Suthu Makiwane, Norma Chonco
India: Aneesha Nayak, Shaila Bhakta, Sinchana Gowda
Gaza: Sabah Rajab Abo Ghanima
France: Christine Délanne
England: Gwyn Haslock
Maui: Paige Alms

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