Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

These excerpts refer to past live events (till 2007). Please contact me if you want an updated version with TV reviews.

"Sometimes a film festival can generate heroes where you don't expect them: Dörthe Eickelberg, for instance. (...) During a series of evenings, the technical equipment in the festival auditorium didn't work. Dörthe Eickelberg filled the gaps with improvisations in such a charming way, with subtle humor and esprit, that the guests waited in line to congratulate her afterwards."
Bernd Haase, Feuilleton, several local newspapers in the State Baden- Württemberg

"Dörthe Eickelberg faced the technical chaos with spontaneous wit and unwavering optimism. She added highlights thanks to her courage.”
Comic- Yearbook 2000

„The secret star of the evening.“
Claus Kohlmann, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, newspaper of Hildesheim

"From the very beginning I noticed the originality in all her work. (...) Dörthe Eickelberg is an all-rounder. (...) Thanks to her extraordinary acting and comedic gifts, she is not only a striking presence in films, but a great presenter and translator as well."
Prof. Jochen Kuhn, director of the department film design, Film Academy Baden- Württemberg

"Amusing delivery, good sense of timing and strong expertise. All in all much more professional than the moderation of some celebrities that I have seen before.”
Barbara Rudnik, Jury Member, Festival Max-Ophüls-Preis, Saarbrücken 2004

"Original, funny, witty, self confident and professionally well prepared. (... ) confident English (...) extraordinary skills to handle the situation when introducing the directors (...) A precious, highly motivated, reliable and enjoyable associate."
Prof. Albrecht Ade, founder of the Film Academy Baden- Württemberg and of the International Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart

„She seamlessly infuses her work with her own style of charme, wit and irony without without loosing sight of the essentials. (…) A competent and positive appearance even in difficult moments, as during technical problems. A reliable staff member and a  valuable and pro-active tutor of our guests, a huge support to the festival team in every situation.”
Nina Hager, program manager Film Festival Max-Ophüls- Preis, Saarbrücken

„Promising und hilarious.“
Barbro Schuchardt, Kölner Rundschau, newspaper of Cologne

„A fantastic woman. She does comedy. Very intelligent and creative, delivered in a beautiful voice.
It's not like TV. She's a top-class act!”
030 Berlin Magazine, Ivo Lotion, Lokalrunde @ Admiralspalast 2007