Dörthe Eickelberg
Augen Unterschrift

Dörthe Eickelberg is a Berlin based filmmaker, writer and TV host. In Iceland, she shot elves (on film) for the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. The result, the documentary tale FAIRIES AND OTHER TALES, toured festivals from America to Zimbabwe. During a pretty long layover in Vancouver, Dörthe discovered standup comedy and was maybe the first German to perform on stages in Canada.

Back in Berlin, while hosting her own satire web series, she got handpicked by the French German culture channel ARTE. For 12 years she toured all over Europe with her French co-host for the daily science magazine XENIUS. Since then she could theoretically begin every sentence with “I know, have done a show about that.”

Meanwhile she teamed up with her colleagues and co-founded the production company LABO M. Dörthe is a guest lecturer at Tübingen university and Germany’s renowned film schools in Ludwigsburg, Potsdam and Berlin. Her tailormade improv workshops for the creative industry brought her as far as China and India and into space, almost, when the European Space Agency ESA commissioned her to train the current German astronaut.

After a thorough wave check, Dörthe turned her passion for surfing to produce and direct CHICKS ON BOARDS. The award-winning documentary series about female rebel surfers was shown and aired all over the world.

Based on this story, she published her memoir “The next wave is yours” at RANDOM HOUSE / PENGUIN BOOKS, which was ranked top 50 of the SPIEGEL Bestseller list for a day or two (if that counts).

Currently she is planning her next coup: a film, a book, a show, or maybe she’s just happily getting stranded somewhere close to the surf. One thing she doesn’t do is updating this website, although she knows she should.